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7 Household Activities Your Pregnant Wife Should Avoid

7 Household Activities Your Pregnant Wife Should Avoid

Pregnancy is one of the best phases of your life; therefore you and your baby health should be a top priority. If during pregnancy most of the time you are inside the house, you should avoid some of the following activities.

During pregnancy, it will help you and your husband to begin to divide household chores. Housework is too heavy and tiring and it will give a certain impact to your pregnancy either directly or indirectly.

The following 7 household activities that should be avoided by pregnant women:

1. Lift objects that are too heavy

Heavy lifting of all kinds of goods, such as a bucket full of water, is one of the household activities that pregnant women should be avoided, especially if the woman has a medical condition such as placenta previa.

2. Replace trash container

Though it may sound strange, but the fact is indeed pregnant woman should avoid this activity. Being too often near a dumpster, let alone replace the container, will give you a high risk of toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection transmitted by cat feces. In addition to harmful to your health, this condition is also harmful to the fetus.

3. Too often exposed to strong chemicals

Pregnant women should be careful and make sure to avoid using chemicals. Exposure to strong chemicals is very harmful to you and the fetus. Strong chemicals contained by a variety of cleaners such as bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners and paint.

4. Insect spray with pesticides

You should give assignments to spray insect to your husband or perhaps someone else in the house. Pregnant women should avoid using insect repellent liquid pesticides. In addition, avoid getting into a room that had just sprayed by that kind of liquid.

5. Cleaning the ceiling fan

When pregnant, women should avoid activities that are too ' high ' like cleaning the ceiling fans or hanging curtains.

This activity certainly makes you have to climb and make you are in risk of falling. Pregnant women are known to change the center of gravity their body in the stomach, thus unconsciously the likely to fall will be greater.

6. Mop with stick

Mopping with a stick is one household chore that should be avoided by pregnant women. Mopping can cause sciatica and sciatic nerve inflammation. Besides mopping, any activity that requires you to bend forward will make your pregnancy at risk.

7. Standing in the kitchen for a long time

Stay away from household activity that requires you to stand for long hours, one of them is in the kitchen. Because generally you will stand a long time when you’re cooking. Avoid standing for a long time because it will add extra pressure on the legs and back.

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